VMI Somatic Practice
Foundation Program

27th Annual VMI Somatic Movement
Training Program
in Amsterdam

January – June 2020
Intro Day Sunday 17 Nov 2019
10:00 - 17:00 at VMI Center, Amsterdam

Aims The VMI Foundation Program is Module 1 offering participants a well rounded and in depth study of the body as it applies to somatic movement practice, expressive voice and movement integration and fundamental bodywork protocols for working individually with people and in a larger group process.


VMI offers a defined holistic practice that combines creative, educational and integrative touch and physical repatterning to deepen our self-awareness & open our choices of response which has the potential to inspire our creativity & inform our expressive powers of articulation.

Upon completion of the Foundation Program - Module 1 participants are eligible to continue participating in the VMI Certification Program for further study and development in the VMI Somatic Practice approach. Upon completion of this program of 25 days, subsequent VMI modules can be taken in a sequence or at flexible times.



Vocal Dance

  • Using practical explorations with sound combined with moving in space to deepen the experience of physical integration.
  • Using improvisation to enliven and broaden our understanding of the material as it applies to moving actively, individually and in a larger group process.

Voice Movement Integration (vmi)
Somatic Practice

  • Acquiring an experiential understanding of the major anatomical systems of the body through touch, perception, sound & movement.
  • Researching the body systems (muscular, skeletal, organ, endocrine, fluid and nervous systems) as a source for identifying and qualifying sensation in sound & movement.

Developmental Movement

  • Using developmental movement sequences to explore the basic neurological patterns and underlying reflexes that co-ordinate our sensory motor development.

Vital Movement Integration (vmi)
Bodywork – principles and practices

  • Observing the structural balance of the body in relationship to the underlying organic, energetic and fluid support.
  • Practicing partnerwork and physical repatterning to refine quality of touch and precisely contact different levels of tissue – muscle, bone, organ, endocrine, fluid and nerve in guiding a person towards a renewed sense of equilibrium and well being through the entire body.

Further details about the curriculum
are available on request.



Organization of Meetings

  • The course takes place in Amsterdam from January – June 2020.
  • The group will meet for 25 days over 5 long week ends from Friday to Tuesday at the VMI Center in Amsterdam.
  • Each participant is given a booklet with educational reference material for the course and is offered an optional individual session with Patricia during the training.
  • Classes will be taught in English from 10:00 to 17:00 in two sessions led by Patricia. Guest teachers may be invited to present related material.
  • Suggestions for individual and small group study will be given for the time between each section of the course.
  • Group discussion on a regular and continuous basis will aid participants to assimilate their experiences and gain further insight.
  • On the fourth day of each section of the course there will be an evening session for group discussion.

Please contact us for an appointment discuss your participation starting January '20

New Introduction Days are being planned for Autumn 2019
10:00 - 17:00 at VMI Center, Amsterdam
Please contact us if you are interested.

Course Dates

Friday 10 January – Tuesday 14 January, 2020
Friday 6 March – Tuesday 10 March, 2020
Friday 8 May– Tuesday 12 May, 2020
Friday 5 June – Tuesday 9 June, 2020
Friday (dates to be decided)– Tuesday, 2020



This training program consists of 25 days over 5 long weekends from Friday to Tuesday in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We can assist in finding accommodation for out of town participants.

Enrollment is limited.
Early registration is advisable.

Course Fee 1 x EUR 2,450. for entire program.-

For information and individual appointment to discuss joining the course, please contact us:

Telephone +31 (0)6 24 61 78 53
Email info@patriciabardi.com

We are available to answer any of your questions and give an overview of the format and content of the training.

To apply for the course, please submit the form.